Fire pits in Central Park are available for community use!

The developer, Calbridge Developments, installed community fire pits in Central Park for residents to use and enjoy with their neighbours, friends or family. Please abide by the following usage guidelines. Any questions can be directed to

Fire Pit Usage & Rules

  • Please ensure reduced noise levels after 10:00 pm to comply with the Bylaw and to be respectful of the surrounding residences. The fire pits are operated according to the Town of Cochrane Bylaw No. 16/2011 – Noise Control.
  • The park and fire pits are closed at 11:00 pm. The fire pits are operated according to the Town of Cochrane Bylaw No. 20/2001 – Parks and Open Spaces.
  • Fire pits are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Please bring your own firewood. Do not stockpile firewood at the fire pits or it will be removed.
  • Be considerate of the homes nearby, other users and the community at large. This is meant to be an enjoyable place for everyone to use.
  • If the fire pits are locked, they are unavailable for use and will be unlocked when they are available again. Make sure to check local fire bans before using.
  • Persons using the fire pits do so at their own risk. Keep children and pets at a safe distance.
  • Use of fire pits requires adult supervision at all times. Fire safety should be practiced including fully extinguishing the fire before leaving, being cautious of windy conditions and sparks, and never leaving flames or hot coals unsupervised.
  • The surrounding vegetation is not to be burned in the fire pits. Please bring your own firewood.
  • Have fun!