Homeowner Benefits

Common Questions About HOA Fees

What do my fees pay for?
The annual fee collected by the Fireside Homeowners’ Association goes toward administration of the HOA and the maintenance and operation of community amenities.

Included in the administration of the HOA is insurance, bank charges, and legal and accounting professional fees.

Operation of community amenities includes the decorative lights during the holidays, a seasonal landscaping program that includes flower pots and groundskeeping each spring/summer, maintaining the skating rink, and arranging the annual Stampede Breakfast.

Where are the amenities?
Maintenance of community amenities covers the two entrance features at Highway 22, the decorative fencing in the Fireside Gate median and the two overlook features in the pond. You can visit The HOA page to view the map for the amenities locations.

What is the annual budget?
The 2023 budget for the Fireside HOA can be downloaded here.

Links to download previous year’s audited financial statements are below.

How much is my fee and how do I pay?
For 2023, the Fireside HOA fee is $52.50 per residential unit, including GST. You can pay using a credit card, cheque, or bank draft. Visit the Payments page for more information.

How is the fee determined?
As per the registered encumbrance, the annual HOA fee is $150.00 per unit. We evaluate our financial position on an annual basis and determine how much funding is required to cover future expenses. Based on those expenditures, we determine the contribution amount required from each unit that is part of the Fireside Homeowners’ Association. Based on the current operating structure and financial commitments, we can offer a $100.00 discount per unit for 2023.

Why are e-transfers or cash not an option for payment?
To properly track each payment to the homeowner and for security reasons, we are not set up to accept cash or e-transfers.

How is the interest calculated?
Many people are alarmed when they read ‘18% compounded monthly’ on any overdue fees. Compounded monthly is calculated as the following: Example: $52.50 x 18%/12 months = $0.79 interest for the first month overdue. $53.29 x 18%/12 months = $0.80 interest for the second month overdue.

If I pay early, will my payment be processed?
All payments received before January 1, relating to next year’s HOA fees, will be processed and applied towards the account as a credit.

What if I’m selling my home?
Every residential unit in Fireside has an HOA Encumbrance on the title. If you have sold your home, please notify us by visiting the Update Contact Information page. Please ensure your lawyer contacts the Fireside HOA to obtain a Fee Status Certificate to ensure there are no monies owing on your title when you sell or purchase your home.

What if I have more questions or concerns?
Please use the Contact Us page through the website to submit any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.